Master Plan

Illustrative Master Plan

Duke's planning heritage goes back to the 1920's when the offices of Horace Trumbauer and the Olmsted Brothers laid out the buildings, roads, and landscape for both Trinity College (West Campus) and the Women's College (East Campus). Those original plans remained the only master plan for the University approved by the Board of Trustees until this Campus Master Plan, completed and approved in 2000. The 2000 Master Plan is made up of three parts: the master plan document itself, which builds upon the Principles and Goals outlined for the campus, the Illustrative Plan, a diagrammatic rendered plan of the campus showing the potential build-out of the master plan, and the Action Plans, which have become important tools in the monitoring of recent campus development in relation to the 2000 Master Plan.  

2000 Campus Master Plan (pdf's listed below)

2000 Illustrative Master Plan

2007 Illustrative Plan Update (pdf)

2010 Illustrative Plan Update (pdf)

Updated Principles and Goals (pdf)

The 2024 Plan (pdf)

2002 Action Plan (pdf)

2004 Action Plan (pdf)

2006 Action Plan (pdf)

2008 Action Plan (pdf)

2010 Action Plan (pdf)

2012 Action Plan (pdf)