West Campus Plaza

Landscape Architect: Hargreaves Associates (New York City, NY)

The West Campus Plaza was designed as a replacement for the non-descript concrete bridge that was constructed along with the Bryan Center to provide a pedestrian connection between it and the West Quad. Since it was opened in 2006, the Plaza has become a central and important outdoor space for the campus, providing flexible and attractive open space for parties, rallies, performances, socializing and studying, in addition to accomodating the large and consistent flow of pedestrians. Located between the existing food venues in the West Campus Union and Bryan Center, the Plaza, itself populated with various food carts, has become the main outdoor eating spot for the campus.

Canopy trees that provide shade, a performance stage, monumental blue stone steps, dark sky friendly lighting fixtures, fixed and movable site furniture, and a mist fountain system that cools the Plaza in the summer, all combine to create a unique and successful campus space.

new plaza plaza2 plaza3
plaza4 nightplaza plazawalk